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Behind every door,
is a story untold.

CABIZ, offers a unique perspective of Mediterranean inspired rooms for your property.

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Need an extra workspace, guesthouse, meditation space or poolroom?

You decide, we fulfill your needs your way. 

Custom cabannes

Depending on your possible needs and the local laws surrounding your space we can offer you a solution measured to your desire.

 Each cabin is unique, special & meaningful in their own way and are handmade.

Manage your space

Millimeters of elegance

Manage your space

Live among nature

Work in peace

Ecological & sustainable

Your solution to any necessities surrounding extra space.

Aftersales service.

Living big in a small way

Never ending integration in landscape

Price measurement

Our standard rates (without personal design) is €45.000

Furthermore there are different factors that save extra financial costs for your cabin like, location, accessibility and your personal choice of design.

We would love to hear what you want so that we can find you the best solution for your personal desire and taste.

We love to hear about your needs so we can find the best solution together